Telling stories with music


I charge $240 per minute of music.
Projects can be negotiated.
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About Me

I’m DaforLynx, a Californian composer who makes music mostly for video games.

I have been producing music for 5 years, and composing for twice as many.

My goal is telling stories through music.

I strive to evoke emotions and achieve a unique palette and tone for each project.

I have a passion for anything audio; besides music, I have done sound design, implementation, and audio system design/coding.

I’ve worked with Godot, Unity, and RPG Maker XP, as well as Veloren’s bespoke voxel engine written in Rust, among other development environments.

My hands are in many non-profit game projects:
Veloren (Audio Lead & Composer)
Pokémon Azure (Composer)
Crypts & Creepers (Composer)
Garticmon (Composer)
Beyond Skyrim: Argonia (Composer)

I have completed some game jams - check my page!

I have a YouTube channel on which I tend to post remixes and originals.